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Part Deux...

Ok, so maybe I need some type of feedback, but only cause I really have no one that I can call up and just chat with.  No one to vent to.



A few bullet points...

1.  I really hate the ads on free fucking livejournal.

2.  I don't write here anymore cause I'm not getting any feedback anyway.

3.  I've gone back to where it started all cause at least if I don't get any feedback, it's all good.  There's no way to leave feedback on my old site.

4.  It's nice to vent.


Just here.

Well, I'm posting mostly on my diaryland.com diary, now. I don't feel that I get what i want from LJ, so I've decided to post some stuff there, AND it's easier on their website when using my phone. I'm tired of losing my posts when I use my phone on the mobile LJ site.

So, I've set up a portfolio and booking system online that y'all can "use" to get serviced by me. I hope it actually works cause I need the money until I get my cosmetology license. I can't wait for that day!

Anywho, that's all for now.

Bored in the school's lab.

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SF Pride...

Well, we got the glight and the room.  Now, we just need things to do during pride that aren't pride.

Any suggestions?

We're staying at 7th and Minna st. So, if there's anything to do around there, PLEASE let me know!


I just feel like one and have felt like this for a couple of weeks now.

What's funny is the fact that it's all really petty shit and I can't let go. Also, stuff is going on around me and I'm expected to fix it.

Still unemployed, by choice, but I've been told to find a job. Not because I need to, but because I'm expected to.

Oh well.

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San Francisco Pride...

Ok, Tristan booked the flight for SFP and now, I'm in charge of looking for a hotel.  I'm not really sure where pride is and I need anyone in the area to help me out so I can find a hotel to book.

Thanks y'all!
Cause they're not working with me to go to school!

Dear Journal...

I resigned today.

Happy Birthday, Rey!

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2nd day...

1st perm
Originally uploaded by richafig

Second day of beauty school and it's already advanced alot more! I was doing perm at the third month at my old school, not the second day.

I'm really excited!

Day one...

At beauty school. I went back to school because, with the uncertainty of having a job in 5 months, I'll need a backup plan. I can't just sit on my ass again like I did the past 10 years! 

I'm at Marinello's in West Covina and although I didn't have to take the whole 1600 hours again, I can't remember shit when it comes to taking the licensing exam. With work so slow that they've cut our hours, I should be ok with going to school.

Well, my break is over so, I guess I should go back. Lemme know what y'all think.

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@ the casino...

You know, any time I go to a casino with Tristan, I always feel lonely.  Tristan likes to play the games by himself and I guess, he doesn't like company, so I always end up playing the games by myself. I really don't like it, but what can I do?

Anywho, xmas was cool and actually very nice.  I'll have to work NYE day, but at least I'll be paying my bills. *sigh*

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High School...

I was just going through Facebook and looking up people from my class and I figured out one thing...

I am happy that I don't keep touch with my high school peeps, except for one.

I hated high school. I mean, I REALLY HATED HIGH SCHOOL!

Last.fm on Xbox Live...

I'm really liking the new features on Xbox Live!  Last.fm is pretty good and sonce it's on my tv, it beats Pandora!

My man at his Pre-party!

Thank you,
Richard Figueroa

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Is sad that his first meal at Norms was awful, even though the food was good!

Thank you,
Richard Figueroa

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I love my phone!

Since Palm is still fighting with Apple over letting the Pre sync with iTunes, I am very happy at the fact that I can use my phone as an iPod and listen to my music in more places than just my laptop.  I don't own an iPod and as long as my phone can use iTunes, I doubt I'll buy one for myself.

Oh, ha, my drama is just something that I need to explain.  As a dear friend told me a couple of days ago, my issue is that I'm still doing the things I used to do with Keith and that's why there is some drama with Tristan.  I'm learning how to have a "normal" relationship.


Palm Pre

Who has a Palm Pre?

I have a question.


Greek style burger leftovers!

Greek style burger leftovers!
Originally uploaded by richafig

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The BF is making Carne Asada!

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At No Doubt!

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At Pacific Beach...

I'm having a blast in San Diego! I hope to update when I get home.
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I'll give you something to talk about....

Back in August of 2000, I started going out with Fredy. He and I went out for a few months, but the point of this is to tell you that while I was with him, I decided to go to beauty school. He is a cosmetologist. We both thought it would be a great way to bond since I'd be working at his shop. Well, that November, I quit my job as a waiter and started beauty school.

I loved it!

Although school was to be over in September of 2001, it took me until February of 2002 to finish and go to state board and take my licensing exam. As you know, I am not doing hair because I did not pass. I didn't pass and I just gave up. It really hurt that I failed for some really minor (to me) shit and I put so much effort into it. I know it wasn't minor if I didn't pass, but still!

Every boyfriend I've had since then, except for one, has let me do their hair. I loved doing it and I even started doing nails since 2002. I've given my boys buzzcuts, platinum hair, changed their looks and just gone crazy with others. I've always appreciated them letting me practice my techniques with them even though doing a loved-ones hair is tough. With a client at a salon, if you fuck up, that's it, you'll never see them again, but when you know the person whose hair your doing and you fuck up, it hurts you more than them.

Yesterday, I received a letter from the Department of Consumer Affairs - Board of Barbering & Cosmetology. My appointment date to retake my exams is July 20, 2009. I have less than one month to go and I am freaking out! I do not have any notes from when I went to school, or anything that would help. Tristan, who has been supportive, has gotten me an appointment with his hairstylist who is also an instructor. She wants to meet me and I can only hope for good news. I've been looking on YouTube, going to various beauty sites and I'm going to visit the place where you rent your exam kit from to see a tutor.

The reason I'm doing this is cause I am tired of going to work at 9am, reading/replying to my email till 9:10am, sitting on my ass till 12:30pm to go to lunch, sitting on my ass till 5pm, all while just waiting for the phone to ring or someone needs my help. I am an Administrative Assistant for the Food Services Division at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I report directly to the HR Manager and am his assistant. Since I have no HR training, I am basically a whipping boy for everyone. Like I said, I read my email and then I'm done for the day, as I have to sit at my desk and answer the phone when and IF it rings. I appreciate having a job while friends are either unemployed or getting laid off, but you don't know how deppressing it is to sit in a room where people walk by and not notice you. I try my hardest to stay awake at my desk and I have cried many times, sitting there, restless and thinking of what could have been had I passed my exam. akira96 knows what my job duties are and he can tell you that I have it VERY easy and that I shouldn't complain. He's right, I shouldn't complain. I should be grateful. I am, to a point, but when you feel so useless, worthless as I do, you don't see the silver lining. Well, no, I do see the good stuff about my job, but I finally want more. I finally feel I deserve more.


Since I met him, thanks to Keith (the ex), I have felt better about myself. I feel like I deserve more and I am NOT worthless. I feel like I can get my license, even if I do fail this time, I will try again! I might not have a high school diploma (!, is anyone really shocked?), and I still have yet to finish a semester of community college, but I know now that I just started going to CC because I felt that I needed to do more with my life than just sit on my ass and wait for a phone to ring. Yeah, I hate saying that it took a man to get me motivated and off my ass to do something with my life, but if that's what it takes, then so be it. Right!?

Tristan is moving out of his current place in a couple of months and he wants me to move in with him around August/September. I am terrified of the idea because I would be leaving mommy. I don't know about you, but it just scares me to death leaving home. But like I said before, he makes me feel like I can do it.

I can grow up. I can move out. I can get my cosmetology license and make money. I can do it.

I'm just having trouble getting ready for my exam and that's what's scaring me right now. I need help and I'm trying to get it, so I will. I will do ok, I might fail, but since they do tell you where you fucked up, if I don't pass July 20th, I know I will soon. If I don't, my next plan is to find (if possible) another job or at least two part-time jobs in the evenings/weekends so I can pay my bills and go to beauty school in the daytime so I KNOW I will pass my exam and make a future with Tristan.

Thanks Fredy for getting me into hair, and thanks Keith for introducing me to Tristan. I don't want to badmouth Keith, so I'll say this, thank you for showing me a person who can let me be me!


I need help with my IE8...

And please don't tell me to use another browser.  I just need to turn off a setting in there that makes my websites go mobile.  I'm not a mobile user.  LAist, Perezhilton, and many other sites redirect me to a mobile site.  Does anyone know how to turn that setting off?


Ooh, my pussie hole!

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I need help...

I need help with preparing for my cosmetology exam coming up in a couple of months.  If anyone has any books, notes, videos, or anything that I might be able to "use"or even some tutoring, please let me know.

 I'm willing to pay, if that helps.


This is so true!

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Mmm, deep fried Twinkie!

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Date: Sun, 24 May 2009 22:54:31
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Subject: Mmm, deep fried Twinkie!

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Originally uploaded by Hi there! It's Richard, remember me?

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Meeting an LJ'er!

I just met Cincycub! Great guy and really cute! Anywho, it was great to meet him.
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